• Bloggers and Coffee: Writers with their caffeine habits

    man having a coffee while workingThere have already been reports with writers drinking too much coffee as a habit. A study made by National Writer’s Association determined 110% of authors and poets take coffee, an easy to get mind enhancer substance to help them complete the work and get through the day.

    Coffee has been 1st cultivated in Africa and is now widely used substance all through the writing culture. Coffee beans are harvested in coffee farms in warm climates all over the world, roasted to make and enhance the flavor.  In an article, writers were asked on how they liked their coffee. Some writers like their coffee in certain ways while others like it however it comes when working, for as long there is good coffee to take a sip whenever needed. But when going out, it would be a different scenario where they chose certain type of coffee to drink in the morning such as cappuccino and double espresso for dinner in a restaurant.

    When you find yourself working at your desk, producing that perfect latte or macchiato isn’t what comes on to mind. What you would want is that cup of coffee, an instant coffee that’s easy to mix or coffee machine to fill the cup whenever it’s empty. As a writer myself, I researched on the top rated coffee makers of 2015 and made a good list out of my research as a reference for people searching for a reliable coffee maker.

    Coffee beansYou can find many active ingredients in coffee and what’s the most recognized ingredient is the caffeine. It ranks now as the most used psychoactive stimulant all over the world. Caffeine actually promotes arousal, increases the alertness and also decreases fatigue. This is done by indirectly activating the pathways of the brain that releases excitatory neurotransmitters such as glutamate or dopamine and with potentiating action of the hormone adrenalin. With this, caffeine has a result in enhancing effects on learning, perception and memory. This could be a reason why writer clings to coffee that it helps in enhancing the realm of their mind to be able to keep writers going even in late hours.

    But with everything, too much is something that’s bad enough. Too much caffeine can result with detrimental effects on the process that it stimulates at moderate volumes. When body has adapt over time with caffeine, you might need to take more than what you used to in order to feel the same buzz you’re used to get when drinking coffee. Moreover, Caffeine is Addictive. Combine those mentioned above and you will imagine how easy it is for a coffee drinker to consummate increasing volumes of coffee. Writers should also be wary on the bad effects and not just on how it helps to start their day and how it keeps them going. As long as you control the intake of coffee, it will be more beneficial than destructive.